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Relic Weapon: Kotsumekumo(Bone-Eyed Spider)[Limited]

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Relic Weapon: Kotsumekumo(Bone-Eyed Spider)[Limited]

Post by Rei on Tue Aug 07, 2018 3:03 pm

Name: Kotsumekumo [Bone-Eyed Spider][Limited]
Type: Glove pair
Skill: Shurikenjutsu
Appearance: Kotsumekumo are a pair of identical gloves, red in color with silver metal clawed fingertips. A metal spindle-gear is located atop the hands with ninja wire leading from the spindle gear over atop each knuckle of the glove. An additional roll of spun ninja wire is attached to the user's clothes somewhere(often the waist), this roll of ninja wire connects to the gloves in a sublte way such as beneath the clothes and gives the gloves' wire extreme length.
Rank: X
Power: 800

  • Length Extension(Major): The gloves' natural length has a maximum of 50M. This includes the amount of stored ninja wire on the roll. Chakra may be used to extend the length of ninja wire in the same manner as jutsu range. Rank of jutsu used with these gloves+ range percentage determines the ninja wire's full length(Example-C Rank jutsu multiplier of 2xUser's chakra stat= ninja wire length)
  • Wire manipulation(Major): In addition to increased length, these gloves can also change shape to fit the user's needs. Whether creating intricate webs or forming other weapons out of the ninja wire- they cannot make living creatures however.
  • Chakra Conductive(Minor): Simple but effective, these gloves are chakra conductive. They can be empowered by the user's chakra for more strength/sharpness, or use jutsu through the wires(Such as lightning release).

Cost: 10,000 RYO
Weight: 150lbs
Slots: N/A

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