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Relic Weapon: Tōtsubotan(Flowing Peony Stalk)[Limited]

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Relic Weapon: Tōtsubotan(Flowing Peony Stalk)[Limited]

Post by Rei on Tue Aug 07, 2018 3:41 pm

Name: Tōtsubotan(Flowing Peony Stalk)[Limited]
Skill: Kenjutsu
Appearance: The Tōtsubotan is designed as an odachi blade. The color of the hilt/guard is entirely black. The blade's exact length is eight feet long. The angle of the curve of the blade is not entirely straight, as it curves just a bit. The handle is more than long enough to accommodate both hands, allowing for effective wielding of this ridiculously long weapon. The blade itself is a bright silver color, often sparking with light as it dances through the air.
Rank: X
Power: 1,800

  • Dimension Slash(Major): This ability is Tōtsubotan's signature ability. Wherever the sword may slash, it can create a "space" where the dimension becomes distorted. This effect may be instant or activated at a later time depending on the user's will. Due to its ability, it is capable of slashing through other space ninjutsu type techniques. The distorted space takes the shape of bright greenish colored slashes in space.
  • Power Boost(major): +1,000Power
  • Chakra Conductive(Minor): Like many of the other Relic Weapons, Tōtsubotan has the chakra flow ability- allowing chakra to conduct their the weapon for various effects and jutsu varied by the user.

Cost: 10,000RYO
Weight: 150lbs
Slots: N/A

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