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Relic Weapon: Zen'in(All Hands)[Limited]

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Relic Weapon: Zen'in(All Hands)[Limited]

Post by Rei on Tue Aug 07, 2018 5:24 pm

Name: Zen'in[AllHands]
Type: Metal arm
Skill: Kugujutsu
Appearance: Zen'in is a most unusal Relic Weapon. The most advanced scientifically, the weapon is considered armor. Zen'in is a single full-arm's length dark green arm that latches onto the user's arm and bonds to the skin. It possesses full functionality like a normal arm would.
Rank: X
Power: 800

  • Shadow Hands(Major): Zen'in's main ability is known as Shadow Hands. The ability allows the user to convert chakra into several hands made of chakra. The color of the hands are pure black like shadow with no visible detail. The numbers of hands vary between 1 to 4. These hands are not attached to the user, but float nearby the user and move to the user's will. The hands possess strength and Endurance of 800, but move at the user's speed.
  • Size Manipulation(Major): The hands of Zen'in can be changed at will of the user once per post. They can be as small as a human's hand, or as large as a susanoo's hand.
  • Chakra Conductive(Minor): Like many of the Relic Weapons, Zen'in is chakra conductive, so the user may channel chakra and jutsu through the hands.

Cost: 10,000RYO
Weight: 150lbs
Slots: N/A

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