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Sword of the Thunder God[Limited]

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Sword of the Thunder God[Limited]

Post by Rei on Wed Aug 08, 2018 9:36 am

Name: Sword of the Thunder God[Limited]
Type: Lightning sword
Skill: Kenjutsu
Appearance: Sword of the Thunder God is unique in that its actual body is only the sword hilt. A dark grey round pommel with the guard being two prongs that conduct electricity. The blade itself is similar tot hat of a lightsaber, being pure lightning chakra yet having the physical consistency of an object. the blade is roughly two feet in length and glows a yellow color.
Rank: X
Power: 1,800

  • Lightning Nature Transformation(Major): The signature ability of this sword is that it can use lightning release in various ways, Such as shocking anyone who comes in contact with the blade. Creating rings of lightning to bind and shock opponents, and creating lightning around the user to block incoming attacks. A lightning Release is required by the user to wield this sword.
  • Power Boost(Major): +1,000 Power
  • Chakra Conductive(Minor): Like many legendary weapons, the Gunbai Uchiwa has the ability to use chakra flow, channeling chakra and jutsu through the weapon.

Cost: 10,000RYO
Weight: 200lbs
Slots: N/A

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