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Post by Rei on Sun Sep 02, 2018 7:23 pm

Senju Clan 300?cb=20090302032847

Name: Senju
Affiliation: Chozogakure
History: The Senju clan initially was a nomadic tribe on the borders of Johogakure and Chozogakure. They possess a long history of dispute with their rival clan, the Uchiha. Due to the nature of their bloodlines and how they can be used by each clan: the two clans were constantly at war for supremacy over the other. Each clan wished to use the other clan to further their own powers to become the most powerful in the land. The days of being nomads ended abruptly when the current clan leader decided to join the village of Chozogakure. For a time, there was peace and prosperity: that was until their rival clan joined Chozogakure's neighbor village Johogakure. The friction between these two clans ignited a war between the two villages that sporadically continued throughout history.
Extra Info: Unlike the Uchiha who are steeped in tradition: the Senju act more as one giant family. They respect their elders and clan leader, but none are treated with indifference.
Appearance: The Senju clan have few differences from normal looking people. A common characteristic of the clan is raven black hair, often straight and course.
KKG/Ability: The Senju clan are known for their various skills, which is literally where their clan name is derived from. "Senju" (千手, Literally meaning: "a thousand skills", "a thousand hands"), in reference to their being "the clan with a thousand skills" (「千の手を持つ一族」, "sen no te o motsu ichizoku"). With this Thousand Skills perk, a Senju member gain one additional skill point per ranked bracket they enter. Such as a D Rank Senju gains one additional skill point to start with & gains another one once their level reaches "C Rank", etc- totaling to 6 extra skill points capped at SS Rank. That isn't their only well-known ability however. Some Senju are gifted with the rare element of Wood Release. Though no Senju seems to possess both Wood Release and the Thousand skills traits, all Senju possess the perk "Vitality" Vitality grants all Senju a 20% base boost to their Chakra stat.
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