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Post by Rei on Wed Oct 31, 2018 8:16 pm

Jugo Clan

Name: Jugo
Affiliation: Nomadic
History: Little is known about this nomadic tribe, yet they seem to appear here and there throughout the shinobi world. The closest any records have noted this clan as a whole, was just after the Dark Era. Afterwards, they disappeared and have resrufaced in much smaller families in many lands and villages. Most say it is fortune that this clan only appears in small numbers, for they bring trouble and ruin with them due to their KKG.
Extra Info: As a nomadic clan, these people hold no allegiance to anyone else of their clan and often see themselves as separate from their clan and troubles. This clan is extremely volatile, quickly changing from normal to dangerous emotional states of mind.
Appearance: Due to the clan's mixed bloodlines, the Jugo can possess many physical properties. Hair, skin color, eyes- vary person by person.
KKG/Ability: Jinenryoku [自然力, Force of Nature]
The kekkei genkai of Jūgo's clan is a passive ability which allows its members to absorb and make use of natural energy without any training in senjutsu. Due to the constant intake of natural energy, they are prone to mental instability, sporadically feeling sudden and uncontrollable urges to kill. The wielder's body can also secrete special fluids which, through means of Senjutsu chakra, allow them to transform parts of their bodies. While varied by appearance and function from user to user and even from use to use, the affected parts of their skin change colour (the hair colour also may change) and if the transformation occurs in the eyes, they change color as well. The risk of petrification from the imbalance of natural energy, appears to be non-existent. Being that the natural energy gathered can temporarily be balanced within the wielder of this ability, they can safely transfer their accumulated senjutsu chakra to another individual through the chakra transfer technique. The user can absorb the amount of Natural Energy per post depending on their skill in Senjutsu:
E Rank-10 chakra
D Rank- 20 chakra
C Rank- 40 chakra
B Rank- 60 chakra
A Rank- 80 chakra
S Rank- 100 chakra
SS Rank- 120 chakra
X Rank- 150 chakra

Due to their nature, when a Jugo Clan member passes the thresh hold of the amount of natural energy their body can sustain they enter a primal, berserk-like state which makes them senseless and gives them a strong urge to kill. Once the user of this ability absorbs more thank 2,000 points of Natural energy the will enter this state. (This number continues to stack through threads as well. Meaning if Person A got 1,900 in one thread and then got another 100 in the second thread they would enter this primal berserk state of mind. This can be avoided by using their Senjutsu.)

Despite how powerful the Jugo clan may be: due to their mental instability, they lack the willpower and skill to learn any form of Ninjutsu, Genjutsu or Fuinjutsu not associated with their bloodline. This extends to elements as well.

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