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Uzumaki Clan

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Uzumaki Clan

Post by Rei on Wed Oct 31, 2018 8:32 pm

Name: Uzumaki
Affiliation: Shikigakure
History: Along with the Hyuga clan, the Uzumaki clan is also a foundation for the medical village Shikigakure. With the clan's extensive knowledge and skill in various Fuinjutsu, the clan works alongside medical shinobi to create and implement new methods for saving lives.
Extra Info: The Uzumaki clan holds no real ceremony or practices like other prominent clans. Instead they see everyone in their clan as family and all look up to their clan head for the sheer ability and skill with their clan Fuinjutsu.
Appearance: The most physical prominent trait of the Uzumaki clan is their red hair, although mixed bloodlines tend to not have the red hair trait.
KKG/Ability: Unlike other clans who specialize in one thing or another due to their bloodline ability- the Uzumaki's Fuinjutsu is a Hiden rather than KKG. The Uzumaki's KKG is more of a passive ability in that they can survive having a Bijuu extracted from them without dying. Additionally, but less commonly known is the clan possesses the "Heal Bite" trait. Uzumaki start with one additional skill point in Fuinjutsu.
Clan Jutsu: TBA

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