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Shinobi Conquest Site Rules V1 Empty Shinobi Conquest Site Rules V1

Post by Kioshi on Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:01 am

Shinobi Conquest Site Rules V1 KU2snXq

Alternative RP:
While Shinobi Conquest uses a slightly more challenging system, we understand that not everyone is attracted to complex. Some prefer stat-less and loosely controlled story writing. Unless told otherwise, you are allowed to RP in that manner so long as you are not taking advantage of this rule. This means that you may RP without using our systems, but you must RP in a manner that reflects what your character is capable of: this means you must still follow the systems for character update sheets, etc for staff to monitor. Failure to accurately use the systems, whether in character updates or RP- will result in you(as a member) losing the privilege to use the alternative RP method. Please note that any differences between members during RP will be considered based on character updates and what the characters are capable of.

Plot mechanics:
While everyone starts at level 1, D Rank: there is a possibility to start higher. First understand that these plot mechanics are in total control by the staff. While you may RP the characte as your own and possibly get special priviledges, your character's progression is determined by the staff purely for plot purposes. The character might become super powerful, he might be a stepping stone for someone else, or maybe he'll die somewhere unknown to everyone. This is the risk you take if you want to start higher. Please note that not everyone can start higher, as we do not have enough plot mechanics for everyone. First come, first serve basis. Just Pm a staff member if you are interested.

Respect yourself & Everyone around you: 


Member-Member: When dealing with other members, you are to treat them with positive reinforcement. Treat them how you would want to be treated. Constructive criticism is acceptable, unless someone (anyone tells you that it is rude).

Member-Staff: Treat staff members with the same kind of respect normal members deserve. Keep in mind that staff members keep the site going! Give them at least 5 minutes when they log in, before you start asking for help with stuff. If a staff member tells you to change something or asks you to do something correctly, please do it and don't argue with them. Remember that staff are still members themselves and subject to the same rules while being held to a higher standard.

Passive Aggression:(The indirect expression of hostility, such as through procrastination, stubbornness, sullen behavior, or deliberate or repeated failure to accomplish requested tasks for which one is (often explicitly) responsible
This includes intentional sarcasm with snarky responses to emphasize your disagreement or disapproval of anything member or staff related. An example would be- "Fine. Whatever." or "You don't treat others that way."

Drama: (A state, situation, or series of events involving interesting or intense conflict of forces).  
Don't. Do not start drama. There are always two sides to every story & more often than not, "truth" is a self-perception of reality. Meaning you & the other person believe themselves to be correct. If you have a disagreement with someone, leave it at that & do not try to disprove or correct them: this ties into mini-modding. Your personal opinion over a situation means very little, especially if you are aggressive, disrespectful and flaming others.

Harassment:(Aggressive pressure or intimidation.)
Do not pressure others or intimidate them into anything or about anything. Feel they are someone's favorite? Feel they unfairly got something? Just don't. Often times, "feeling" is different than "proof" If you have nothing concrete to present to a staff member in regards to breaking the rules, then that is a form of member-harassment. This includes flaming, baiting and off-site harassment as well.

Mini-modding:(or backseat moderating) is when a forum member acts like a moderator or administrator without having the authority to do so.)

It is a staff member's job to moderate the forum and its members. You are not to tell people what they may and may not do, nor threaten to tell a moderator on someone if they are breaking the rules. There is a "report" feature for reporting rule-breaking and it should be used anonymously. Do not hold passed violations over members either.

The only exception to this is in your own threads(not threads you are participating in. If someone is being toxic and breaking the rules in your thread, then you may ask them to stop. If they do not after you ask politely, you may have a moderator aware and allow them to handle it.

Player killing: (The killing of another's character.)

Killing a member's character is prohibited unless that member agrees to their character dying. This excludesjoining threads "specifically" labeled as death enabled through tags: joining such a thread means you involuntarily agree to your character dying. Any manipulation found on this manner will result in your own character dying. An example of this would be OOC telling someone to join a thread and that you will protect them, but you intentionally let them die or kill them yourself. It also includes changing the title of a thread, the tags associated with killing other people's characters or downplaying your own RP skill/character to seem incapable of protecting that member's character.

Tags: (A label attached to someone or something for the purpose of identification or to give other information.)

All threads can have tags(Optional) & tags cannot be changed once someone has posted in the thread aside from your initial post. This is, tagging your thread with various identification tags to allow others to know the intended purpose and rules of a thread. A staff member has the right at any time to add additional tags but may never remove tags from a thread. When additional tags are added(based on the material in the thread) the staff member will notify the participants in the thread through a post. Under normal circumstances, a staff member may never change a death enabled or non-death enabled tag in a thread.

  • Death Enabled:(Labeled as "X") Not-Optional.A thread with an "X" label means that the thread is death-enabled and entering that thread includes the possibility your character will be killed.
  • Non-Death Enabled:(Labeled as "Y") Optional. A thread with  an "Y" label means that the thread is not death enabled and upon entering it, your or others' characters may not be killed or die.
  • Open/Closed:(labeled as "O" for Open & "/O" for Closed). Optional. A thread with a "O" label means that the thread is an open thread, open to anyone and everyone. A thread labeled as "/O" means it is closed and not open to everyone. Please note that these tags are optional and any thread not labeled as Closed, will be automatically open to everyone.
  • Combat:(Labeled as "C") Optional. A thread with a "C" label means that the thread involves combat. Entering this thread includes the possibility that your character may be attacked.
  • Non-Combat:(Labeled as "S") Optional. A thread with a "S" label means that the thread does not involve combat. This is a "social" thread, though combat can be included only if a "C" is added along in the tags. The reasoning for this can range from mild playful fighting or character development, but cannot be used in a hostile manner. Non-Combat threads are automatically Non-Death Enabled. Additionally, a character cannot be physically, spiritually or by chakra manipulation,  mangled or disabled in these threads.
  • Event:(Labeled as an "E") Not-Optional.A thread with an "E" label means that the thread is an event thread by whomever is hosting. Event threads can be labeled with any other labels, but must have only what is intended for the thread. Also, 90% of the time, event threads will be by the staff. If a normal member wishes to hold an event, they must get staff permission.
  • Mature Content:(Labeled as an "M") Not-Optional. Is content that requires a legal age to read or participate in. Such as 18+ for sexual references.
  • Character Development:(Labeled with a "D") Optional. A thread labeled with "D" means that the thread is intended for character development. Character development is the process of adding character or depth to your character's physical and emotional essence. This includes training(whether yourself or someone else), side-plot stories, etc. Character Development threads are automatically Non-Death Enabled because the purpose of the thread is future development for the character. The exception to this is if an "X" for Death Enabled is adding in the initial tags.

Plagiarism: (The practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.)

This is considered theft. A punishable action both on forum and legal grounds. If you are going to use internet resources as material, be certain to include credit where it is due. If you are using art from somewhere you know nothing about, please include somewhere in your work to the effect of "Not my material. All credit to the owner."
Basically, you’re here to write and enjoy doing it. If you’re going to use someone else’s writing, then this isn’t the place for you; actually, rping isn’t for you either.

Realism: (Representing familiar things in a way that is accurate or true to life.)

This forum is designed to follow the idea that is Naruto. That is, full of shinobi, chakra, bijuus and largely different than physical laws or properties, as well as what we expect as accurate or proper limitations. We strive here at SC, to be as accurate as possible to the Naruto universe, but we do not shun or deny scientific laws. So long as you present ideas that do not break our rules or systems, then no worries! Any idea that does break our rules or systems however, will be denied and politely asked for you to change it.

  • Auto-hits: There will be NO autohits. This is, assured and irrefutable attacks or effects that give the others no method of evading or countering. Such as a jutsu which destroys someone's organs without a roper vector. Vectoring being the "method" to your jutsu, such as punching them and imbuing their organ with chakra to explode.
  • Auto-evade: There will be NO auto-evasion. This means that your character will not and cannot evade everything and remain unscathed in combat, whether in pvp or jobs. If you & the opponent are equal or very close in speed or skill and they attack you, there is a high chance you are going to take some damage.
  • Vague Manipulation: This is a big thing and includes many issues. A example is that Person A writes a lot and includes specific detail(like distance between characters) and Person B doesn't. Person A uses Person B's undefined details to their own advantage. Or. Person B uses Person A's specific details in their follow-up post to their advantage. In short, if you feel there needs to be more information included in a post, then please ask the member to include specific details. If they do not add those details within 24 hours of being asked, then you may consider their consent for you to include the information in your next post or whoever's next post it is.
  • Godmode: This is fairly simple. No matter how powerful(or weak) you are, you are NOT invincible or immortal. You will not demean other people's use of the systems to make yourself seem like an untouchable and unbeatable god. If your character has a personality that makes them think they are a god, that is fine, just do not reflect this in your use of and against other members and the systems.
  • Metagaming:
    (Any strategy, action or method used in a game which transcends a prescribed ruleset, uses external factors to affect the game, or goes beyond the supposed limits or environment set by the game.)
    I include the definition of Metagaming intentionally because out of all the rules, metagaming is the most often abused intentionally and unintentionally. Making a post based on someone else' previous post is okay and normal, but do not include things your character may not know- such as your opponent's jutsu, skill or clan ability or limitations and effects of their ability/skill. This includes illusions in which you do not know certain details to use against others, unless you yourself do not know or gleam this information through the illusion itself. If you feel someone may misuse information you include as reference material, use a code such as this one:


    [hide]Jutsu or other important data here[/hide]

Mature content: (Content that may not be suitable for some audiences, such as nudity, excessive violence, blood, and other non-wholesome G-rated themes.)

While mature content is allowed, it cannot be allowed for members who are under the legal age. In addition, all mature content must have proper tags in thread labels, as well as posts in spoilers that contain mature content with the spoiler being labeled to the effect of "18+mature" The misuse and continual abuse of this will result in you as a member being banned from using or being affected by mature content. Further disregard on the matter will result in you being banned permanently.

Exploitation: (The action or fact of treating someone or something unfairly in order to benefit from their work.)

This includes both the members and the systems. Exploiting members or the system will be immediately punishable in the heaviest sentence possible short of banning. This means that any benefit or item you obtain through loophole & manipulation means, will be revoked. There will be no lenience, nor opportunities to redeem your revoked benefit or item. If an item or jutsu/element/skill/ability was revoked, you cannot obtain it again unless it is appropriately modified to system standards and you purchase it fully again. Event rewards and the like that you did not specifically earn through normal means, are non-redeemable.

Two or more counts of exploitation on any one subject will permanently revoke your rights to that or anything related to it. So if you persist to exploit something like a secondary element- you will be revoked the right to have a secondary element at all. This is member-based and not character-based.

Toxicity: (The quality of being toxic or poisonous.)

You will not be toxic to members or the forum. This means you may not act or speak in a manner which is harmful or disrespectful to the site or other members. This includes persistent breaking of the rules and systems. As well as specifically targeting member(s) as a person or group with negativity or animosity. This includes excessive bragging or an arrogant or disdainful nature. This includes on-site & off-site defamation of the site or its administration.

Quitters: (A person who gives up easily or does not have the courage or determination to finish a task.)

Quitters or even rage-quitters have a small window of grace between their decision to quit, to return. Please note that rage-quitters who break the rules and leave, will be immediately revoked of all character-based earned rewards. Meaning that once they post after breaking the rules that they quit, they will lose their character, exp, bijuu, limiteds and all other rewards they previously had.

Normal quitters, who have or desire to leave the forum for specific purposes(whom haven't broken the rules upon leaving) may leave so long as they post a clear-stated leaving thread. Positions such as Jinchuuriki, restricted clan positions, etc will be revoked however. Normal quitters who post leaves, have 1 week to return to claim their important positions. Otherwise their position will be revoked. Returning after this point does not make you automatically #1 candidate for those positions. Normal quitters upon return at any given time will be allowed to keep their experience, items, and weapons. However, anything like limited weapons or clan positions will be revoked and refunded to members by a system deemed appropriate by the staff. Please note that you are required to make a clearly stated formal leave thread whether temporary or permanent if you are leaving. Not posting a leave and disappearing for more than 7 days without proper explanation, will result in the same treatment as rage-quitters.

Advertising: (The activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services.)

There is a proper place to advertise other forums. The improper place is anywhere(including the chatbox & discord channel), except the forum's sub-forum labeled "Advertisement & Affiliation". Posting advertisements anywhere else will be removed and you will be warned.


Punishments are based on a warning system. Each individual punishment will be awarded demerits on the warning system.(Which means it is possible to earn multiple punishment warnings in one instance depending on the magnitude of the rule-breaking). Each and every punishment is recorded by the staff and added to a demerit list in the staff area of the forum for future reference. This list will not be used against you by the staff on a day to day basis, nor will it allow staff to treat you differently from anyone else. It is merely  reference list to keep up with accumulative punishments to dispense accurate justice. Please note that SC operates on a basis of "proof", the deed is what matters and we will strive to always have proof to misdeeds before dispensing punishment.

    Breaking a rule: 1 warning.Breaking a rule twice in one day: 1 Day ban.Breaking a rule three times in one week: 1 week ban.Breaking a rule 5 times in one month: 1 month ban.Breaking a rule 6 times in 6 months: 6 month ban.Breaking a rule 7 times in 1 year: Permanent ban.

Punishments are accumulative, but probational. Meaning that if you break two rules within two weeks, it counts as 2 separate rule breaks and deserves 2 separate warnings and not a 1 day ban. However, it still counts as 2/5 times in one month. If you go a whole month before breaking another rule, then it counts as 1 warning, but still 1/6 times in six months. Despite the severity of any one thread, a member may receive no more than 3 warnings for one thread. Punishment for the current thread nullifies rule-breaking in previous threads(So long as the member does not continue to benefit and misuse info, limiteds, clan abilities or bijuu obtained in those threads.) This means at most in any one given situation, a member may only receive a 1 week ban. Continued rule-breaking will result in the normal cumulative warning and punishments.

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