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Canon Medical List

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Canon Medical List

Post by Akari Kodama on Wed Jul 18, 2018 2:32 pm

-Body Pathway Derangement
-Body Revival Technique
-Cell Activation Technique
-Chakra Scalpel
-Chakra Scalpel Snake Crush
-Chakra Scalpel: Cruelty
-Chakra Scalpel: Destruction
-Chakra Scalpel: Sever
-Cold Needles
-Creation Rebirth
-Culminated Feelings: Wind Lightning Cherry Blossom Formation
-Dark Medicine
-Dead Soul Technique
-Death Technique: Heart Sever
-Death Technique: Returning Soul Play
-Delicate Illness Extraction Technique
-Derangement Palm
-Flowing Blade
-Forbidden Technique: Dead Soul Technique
-Four Snakes Intimidating Thrust
-Great Snake Binding
-Healing Resuscitation Regeneration Technique
-Healing Technique
-Katsuyu: Immense Network Healing
-Medical Mode
-Medical Ninjutsu: Strong Flash
-Medical Technique: Triple Unity of Death
-Medical Water Release: Jellyfish
-Medical Water Release: Water Mosquito
-Medical Water Release: Water Scorpion
-Mystical Palm Technique
-Ninja Art Creation Rebirth — Strength of a Hundred Technique
-Palm Wave
-Poison Mist
-Poison Mist Needle Shot
-Secret Anaesthesia
-Snake Skin Sword Stroke
-Stealth Snake Hand
-Strengthening Prescription: Chakra Injection
-Tonton Combo
-Whirling Snake Tail
-Wide Healing
-Yin Healing Wound Destruction
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