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Post by Nana on Mon Jul 30, 2018 2:50 am

Year X/97

  • Johogakure, the first village is born.
  • 1st Johokage: Nerumu Uchiha(Deceased)

Year X100

  • Chozogakure, the second village is born.
  • 1st Chozokage: Remuru Senju(Deceased)

Year X/101

  • Shikigakure, the third village is born.
  • 1st Shikikage: Tomo Hyuga(Deceased)

Year X/102

  • The One Year War
  • 2nd Chozokage: Hanoko Yasu

Year X/132
Johogakure's naval fleet discovers an island in the center of what is known as the shinobi world- yet an impenetrable chakra barrier prevents any entry.
2nd Johokage: Kiba Benimaru
2nd Shikikage: Matoya Matsu

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