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Human Puppetry[Limited]

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Human Puppetry[Limited]

Post by Rei on Tue Aug 07, 2018 1:28 pm

Name: Human Puppetry[Limited]
Rank: X
Specialty: Bukijutsu(Kugujutsu), Medical Ninjutsu
Resource Cost:
Handsigns: N/A
Description: A human puppet (人傀儡, Hitokugutsu) is a type of puppet created from human corpses. By removing the internal organs of a foe and preserving the body to prevent decomposition, as well as adding weapons and defences, the user can make powerful human puppets. These puppets are different from normal ones, as they retain their use of chakra and any kekkei genkai that the human host once had. Additionally, the user may make their own body into that of a puppet, however they must keep a "core" in their body- their heart which controls their puppet corpse. Specifics like Strength, Speed & Endurance are dependant on the Chakra Thread technique. Handseals for techniques are performed by the user and puppet simultaneously.
Effects: Turns the user or PC/Staff NPCs into human puppets, which retain their Chakra stat & KKG. Transformation KKGs may not be retained(Such as Jugo).
Requirements: X Kugujutsu, X Medical Ninjutsu, PC or Staff NPC corpses.

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