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Relic Weapon: Amenohane(Raining Wings)[Limited]

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Relic Weapon: Amenohane(Raining Wings)[Limited]

Post by Rei on Tue Aug 07, 2018 3:21 pm

Name: Amenohane[Raining Wings][Limited]
Type: Wings
Skill: Shurikenjutsu
Appearance: Amenohane are a pair of wings that attach to the user's body, located on their shoulderblades.
Rank: X
Power: 800

  • Flight(Major): Amehohane grants the user flight, the speed of the flight is equal to the amount of chakra stat the user places into the wings in a similar manner to a jutsu. This may be changes once per post.
  • Feather Rain(Major): Feather Rain is the main offense ability for Amenohane. From the countless feathers that make up the wings, a specified amount of feathers are released from the wings and shot as projectiles at targets. The speed of the feathers are equal to the amount of chakra stat the user placesĀ  into the attack, similar to a jutsu with speed and range. The power of the feathers are 800 without chakra enhancing through jutsu.
  • Chakra Conductive(Minor):Like many of the Relic weapons, Amehohane has the ability to transmit the user's chakra and jutsu through the wings and feathers.

Cost: 10,000RYO
Weight: 250lbs
Slots: N/A

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